Name: Sabrina Abraha

Age: 20

Sign: Aquarius

Location: San Francisco

Occupation: College Student


What three words best describe your style?

Broke, confused, that-bitch.


Who is your style icon?

Lil Wayne, he just doesn't give a fuck. I'd have to say that 2003-2006 Weezy is the best both in terms of style and music. I definitely am guilty of looking up archived photos of Lil Wayne to see what he was wearing and what brands he was wearing.

If you had the chance to fly anywhere in the world right now,

where would you go?

I would be on the first flight to Brazil.I promise you I'm coming back with every bossa nova record known to man! Brazil has been on the top of my list since I was kid, but Cape Town sounds like a dream too.


Favorite song and/or album at the moment?

The Unseen- Quasimoto, this album changed my life. I played this everyday for like a year, it got me into so many other artists and took me down a rabbit hole that is Madlib. Like most things when you listen to it everyday, it became played out so I let it breathe and enough time has passed where its a favorite yet again. It also reminds of a sweet boy,  he aint so sweet anymore.


Name one thing someone would be surprised to know about you.   

I am not as self assured and confident as people think. Its all a process, I don't have everything figured out but that is part of my strength I think! I am learning so many new things with every heartbreak and with every low, I am learning to be vulnerable, I am learning to stand up for myself, to not let people control how I feel about myself and how I feel about the future.


If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Amoona, that's my grandmothers name, it always sounded to ethereal to me, seemed to match her perfectly. I've never thought my named suited me, it sounds really quite generic.

What do you think about more than anything else?

Growing up my dad had an 86' BMW 735i, the backseat felt like the entire world to me. I was his little companion to junkyards and various different auto shops. As both the car and I got older we went our separate ways, it broke and my dad parked it in our backyard. It took new meaning in my life when I would hide in there after school and hotbox it and write in my journals, probably some melodramtic teen nonsense, it felt like the whole world again. I find myself thinking about that car, the thoughts and the joy attached to it often now.


What is your all time favorite book?

Kafka on the Shore- Haruki Murakami. Murakami is the greatest author I've ever read, he has a way of making you feel lost but then takes you to the perfect ending with such beautiful imagery and storytelling. Kafka on the Shore is all over the place but somehow cohesive and I sort of feel the same.


Where do you see yourself five years from now?

In 5 years I hope I'm fulfilled or working towards that, I hope I have forgiven myself and other people from the past. I want to live in a space I designed and built, in a city I feel at home. I hope I've gone to Brazil, at least once. I see myself everywhere in 5 years, doing everything and anything I want because my potential will be unlocked!


Why is having a personal style important to you?

It's vital! Personal style is one of the only things that only I have control over, nobody else is setting the rules or limitations but myself. It has given me insight into how people operate, what prejudices people assign to certain styles and how that affects your self esteem and your ability to be authentic. Personal style is a form of resistance. It's to me one of the last genuine forms of expression there is.



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