What three words best describe your style?

Probably lazy, thrifty, and competitive -- eBay is not a joke!


What is your favorite go-to look?

I like feeling comfortable and confident, so that can be a lot for me! I have a safe pair of sneakers, a safe party dress, safe everything. 

Who is your style icon?

I have so many!! I take inspiration from as many people as I can and file it away. I love Kiko Mizuhara, she was the first girl I ever looked up to (mixed, petite, a model, an actress) ... I love how cute she is and how she can rock so many different looks. I like so many girls. I really do. I love so many people's styles and love them for having cool styles and I love referencing them in my head when I've absolutely ran dry of ideas on what to wear. My friends are my style icons. 

What are your favorite places to shop/brands right now?

I really love, Mugler, Rachel Comey, Kim Shui, Gypsy Sport, Reformation, Christopher Kane, Ebæ, Miu Miu, Vision Street Wear, Goodwill, GVGV, Cavempt, IKUMI, Adam Selman ... I have nothing but love for brands and try to at the very least emulate what I love by thrifting!


If you had the chance to fly anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

I would like to be in Japan again, I really miss the food and the feelings and the fashion!

Favorite song and/or album at the moment?

My favorite song right now is Understatement by A New Found Glory ........ just stuck in my head at this very moment in time. Also that free fuck song by Drake I am too lazy to look it up. And I know it's old now but I really enjoy Desiigner I just generally find him fun and appealing. 

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Dead. But if not, I would love to be an English teacher to 7th graders and a mom. 

If you were a season, which would you be?


Why is having a personal style important to you?

Personal style is so much to me; I am a really moody dresser. Having those personal pieces I saved and slaved for, those super special vintage finds, that really unique piece of jewelry ... it feels like home to me. Again, for me it's safe. 


Name one thing someone would be surprised to know about you.   

I overshare so much that anyone who might know me at all probably wouldn't be that surprised. I just picked up a teeth grinding habit. 


What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?

I love making lists. I find lists extremely relaxing and if I'm not making one I might feel out of control. I appreciate it giving me some semblance of control in my life. Also finding plot holes in movies, I do it in my head because it's probably a really annoying habit. I'm also really into reading about conspiracies. And messing with the color and brightness on the TV. 

What do you think about more than anything else?

Corny and not funny memes to send to my family members. 


If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Anything that isn't spelled like a scam. I mean, Ceilidh is a tough one. Why couldn't I have just been a Jane or Mary or something? Or a Joanne. Honestly. 


Where is your favorite spot to eat in NYC?

My bed. Seamless has changed me as a person. But I really love Ootoya and the tacos in Chelsea Market. 

What is your all time favorite book?

I like The Little Prince!