Age: Ageless

Location: NYC

Occupation: Writer


What is your go to outfit at the moment? 

I'm always in slim jeans or plaid pants with a band tee and black sneakers. I own many of them all. But I just bought some dream Prada, 60's style, boots. I've been into wearing them with just black skinnies, a black pullover hoody that belonged to my ex, and this sick utility vest from The Gap. I'm also super anxious for slip dress season.


FullSizeRender (3).jpg

What are your favorite places to shop/brands? 

I'm a Manager at Reformation, been there a few years so my closet consists of mostly that. Their stuff is super classic and good for our beautiful Mother Earth. Other than that, all vintage. Finding a great vintage piece is truly a high. But lately, I've been window shopping with Vetements hard!

Would you ever want to be famous? 

Yes and no. I use to always say I want to be famous among the famous. I've always been a behind the scenes kind of gal. But I definitely want my words to be famous. And I hope to help in the transformation of society, so I'd like that action and result to be famous also. But like tabloid fame, hell fucking no. 

What 3 words describe your style the best?

Comfy, Androgynous, New York

Do you have any style icons? 

Patti Smith is one of my greatest inspirations. In every area of expression, from clothes to words. But I have to say, Debbie Harry's 70s/80s style was really just the fucking best. I feel like a blend of them plus Kurt Cobain and Neneh Cherry. I also love Edwige Belmore, Bianca Jagger and Iggy Pop. Oh, and I think Julia Sarr Jamois is a fucking gem!

What are your personal goals/ambitions? 

Most importantly to reach my highest wisdom, to have complete self awareness, love and understanding. To be completely in balance with the world and the cosmos. I'm so very passionate about my writing and being a published author. I hope my words can help others reach their highest wisdom as well. And I'm also working on a jewelry and objects brand I'm very excited about. My designs are inspired by archeology and the creatives of our past. (

What do you think about more than anything else? 

I've actually been really focused on training my thoughts. We all tend to stress way too easy. And our mind is so intensely powerful. Your thoughts can and will manifest into reality. So I'm choosing to only see a positive present and future, to focus on my personal growth/goals and keep hope in humanity. I repeat my personal affirmations at least three times a day. Study the great law of attraction, it's so real. 

What is your favorite book? 

Ugh that's so tough. Anaïs Nin is my spirit animal. But reading Howl by Allen Ginsberg made a huge impact on me.