Age: 24

Sign: Gemini

Location: Little Rock, AR

Occupation: Music Artist

Who or what helped you realize you wanted to make music?

My high school friends used to make music so I started doing it when I was 16 as something to do after school. 


Do you write/make beats for yourself or others?

I mostly make beats just to have lol but I do wanna produce for other people. I've also written songs for/with other people which has been a lot of fun.


What music artist do you look up to the most?

Andre 3000 because he's an artist in the truest sense. The Love Below is my favorite album of all time.


Favorite album at the moment? 

Yes Lawd! by NoWxrries. I can't stop listening.

Who is your style icon? 

Debbie Harry from Blondie.


If you were a season, which would you be? 

Spring, for sure.


What is your favorite go-to look? 

Cool t-shirt, tucked into high-waist jeans, and old school Vans.


What three words best describe your style?

Comfortable. Cute. Colorful.


If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

I would make my middle name be my last name, so it would be Kari Rose.


Glazed NYC Piece that is totally you?

                                                                                                                 The Donyale Beret