jailbait, caption queen, NYC,  @icedhoneybun

Occupation: Jailbait/Caption queen

Location: NYC





Who is icedhoneybun?

A soft girl who is sad sometimes but mainly cute.


What currently influences your style the most?

I think a blend of early 2000s Esprit and anime background characters.


Who are your style icons?

I'm inspired by ppl on the street with unintentionally cool style, like this old Chinese man in a Triple 5 Soul hoodie on Canal st!!

What kind of music do you like?  And what's your fav song or album rn?

I luv nitecore!! Everything sound better sped up like my friend's song: مازنZEN -ƒℓιят

Most random subway moment?

A dad wearing a worlds greatest dad hat

What's your guilty pleasure?

Fitting room selfies!!!!!